Tattoo artist Yehonatan, captured by Eden Yerushalmy.

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Yehonatan, an artist whose skin serves as a canvas for his craft, steps into the spotlight through the evocative lens of Eden Yerushalmy. This encounter between artist and photographer unveils a narrative not just of Yehonatan’s profession, but of his personal journey and identity as told through the ink that adorns his body. Eden, with a keen eye for detail and a profound sense of storytelling, captures the essence of Yehonatan’s artistry, showcasing the depth and complexity of his tattoos. Each image in this series is a testament to the intimate relationship between the tattoo artist and his work, revealing the layers of creativity, passion, and self-expression that define Yehonatan. Through Yerushalmy’s lens, we are invited to explore the rich tapestry of stories etched onto Yehonatan’s skin, stories that speak of life, love, and the unending pursuit of art. The photographs serve not only as a portrait of Yehonatan but as a window into the world of tattoo artistry, where every mark is a symbol, and every symbol has a story waiting to be told.

Model: Yehonatan @balasiano_

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